Sterling Silver Saints 7.5" Bracelet


Saints Bracelet

This bracelet features all the patron saints around your wrist.  Discover the history of each saint and how their individual prayers can help you.  This piece will become your favorite and help you with never forgetting which performed miracles.  Let these 12 saints bring you all the protection and blessings you need during difficult times 



Sterling Silver Bracelet with 12 Patron Saints and Lobster Clasp.

Weight: 5.2 DWT (8.09 grams)
Design Element: Patron Saint
Approx. Length: 7.5 In
Approx. Width: 12.7 mm
Bracelet Width: 3.5 mm
Bracelet Trim Length: 12.7 mm
Bracelet Trim Width: 12.7 mm
Chain Length: 7.5 In

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