Sterling Silver Four-Way Cross 24" Necklace


The Meaning of the Four-Way Cross:

It's an ancient tradition for Catholics to wear religious medals around the neck, and the Four-Way-Medal is one of the most popular because it combines four of the most popular religious medals into one: the scapular medal, the Miraculous Medal, the St. Christopher medal, and the St. Joseph Medal. 

See the meaning of the medal below:



If you're interested in wearing a Catholic medal, but aren't sure which one is right for you, the Four-Way medal is the perfect choice! It also makes a great gift idea for Catholic men or women, young or old, for any special occasion. And, don't forget to have it blessed by a priest!


Weight: 2.8 DWT (4.35 grams)
Design Element: Four-Way Cross
Chain Length: 24 In
Chain Style: Curb
Medals Size: 31 x 26 mm
Pendant Dimensions: 31x26 mm

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