Sterling Silver Bead Wrap Rosary Bracelet


Our Rosary bracelet is a uniquely designed double stack containing six-decades beads double stacked worn around the wrist as a piece of Catholic jewelry. A classic Rosary bracelet consists of 10 Hail Mary beads, making up one decade of a traditional Rosary, one Our Father bead, a miniature Crucifix, and Patron Saint medal. 



Sterling Silver Double Beaded Rosary Bracelet

Weight: 6.6 DWT (10.26 grams)
Design Element: Patron Saint
Approx. Length: 12 In
Approx. Width: 15.7 mm
Bracelet Width: 15.7 mm
Bracelet Trim Length: 12.4 mm
Bracelet Trim Width: 7.5 mm
Chain Length: 6.5 In
Rosary Bead Diameter: 5 mm
Rosary Circumference: 6.5 In

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