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Sai Baba Figurine
Sai Baba Figurine
Sai Baba Figurine by Lladro

Sai Baba Figurine by Lladro

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 Figurine of Sai Baba in gloss finish porcelain.


Sai Baba is considered by his many Hindu and Muslim devotees to be a saint, a good, spiritual man who had no love for temporary things and who was perpetually concerned for self-realization. This gloss finish porcelain piece portrays him faithfully, capturing the essence of an austere and kind character who, a century after his death, continues to inspire the admiration and respect of millions of people worldwide.


Finished Gloss
Height (in) 10.236
Width (in) 7.087
Length (in) 6.299
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Alfredo Llorens

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