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North Tower Candle 1001 Lights Ruby Night Approaches Scent

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Glossy porcelain home candle from the Parrot Party collection is a fresh fragrance of bergamot, basil, thyme and vetiver. The lid is made of wood.

  • Designed and handmade in Spain.
  • Unique pieces by the artist of Lladró.
  • Offical Lladró guarantee.
  • Exclusive breakage insurance included.
  • The perfect gift idea.
The Parrot Treasure belongs to the Parrot Party collection. The purified and minimalist shape of the vase contrasts with the naturalistic modelling and decoration of the bird, with a glossy porcelain finish and a wooden lid, and a fresh fragrance of bergamot, basil, thyme and vetiver in the meadow. An olfactory walk through a forest full of flowers and aromatic herbs containing 1500 grams of natural wax (soya, mango and coconut) and lasting 340 hours. It includes up to 15% perfume in its formulation and has four wicks that ensure a uniform fusion of the wax surface without producing smoke. Once the wax is consumed, it becomes a second use as a vase for a large bouquet of flowers as the weight of the product ensures its stability, with the artistic touch of the handmade porcelain in Valencia, Spain.


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