Les Nereides Paris logo and flower jewelry

The focal point of the La Diamantine Multicoloured collection, this luxury two-row necklace from La Diamantine Multicolored will delight all onlookers. The inventive necklace shines with a thousand lights and a thousand colours, the iconic Diamantine from La Maison Néréides returns with a multicolored version echoing the precious jewels of the Maharajas, combining a spectrum of beautiful colors: petrol blue, grenadine red, peach pink, transparent crystal, amethyst violet, azure blue and pale pink. The different cuts of the stones are evocative of fine jewelry, which can be round, heart or emerald cut. This women's designer jewel will undoubtedly fascinate and be a sensation for sure!

This enchanting and charismatic La Diamantine multicolored fine 9-stones necklace will add incandescence and originality to its lucky wearer! This fashionable women's jewel offers an effervescence of light and colors, grenadine red, petrol blue, peach pink... A rich colourama supported by the different stone cuts, maybe heart, maybe round or even emerald cut. Discover the La Diamantine collection right now, an iconic La Maison Les Néréides line, available this year in multicolored fashion jewelry. The thin link chain and the setting of this pendant necklace are made up of gold plated brass and feature multi-colored faceted glass stones.

38cm Length.

5cm Extension.

1cm Width.

13.41g Weight


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