14K or 10K Yellow Gold Traditional Saints Bracelet™


Traditional Saints Bracelet

This striking bracelet comes in both 14k or 10k gold.   The delicate piece is unique piece that is offered by Parker Edmond as part of our faith collection  The saints represent the history of Christianity. The gold bracelet is very dainty and shiny.   The bracelet is very comforatable around the wrist and it is also accented with a 14k gold crucifix.   


14K or 10K Yellow Gold Bracelet with 9 Patron Saints and Lobster Clasp.

Weight: 6.02 DWT (9.36 grams)
Design Element: Patron Saint
Approx. Length: 7.5 In
Approx. Width: 14.7 mm
Gender: Ladies
Bracelet Width: 14.8 mm
Bracelet Trim Length: 14.7 mm
Bracelet Trim Width: 14.7 mm
Chain Length: 7.5 In

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