Emeralds! Genuine Emerald Stones & 3/8 CTW Diamond Ring


This piece is set in 14K Polished White Gold.  The rings focal point is 5 beautiful Square Emeralds and 3/8 CTW 60 round diamonds and this lovely ring by Parker Edmond Fine Jewelry.  This piece will last forever throughout and have family and friends green with envy.   Just another masterful piece by Parker Edmond.


14K White Genuine Emerald & 3/8 CTW Diamond Ring


  Weight 3.86 DWT (6 GramWeight)
Series 62801
Quality 14K White
Size 03.00 Mm
Finished State Polished
Series Description Genuine Emerald And 3/8 Ctw Dia Ring

Comes Set With

Quantity Stone
60 0.007 Ct -- 1.12 MM, I1/ H -I Round Diamond
5 0.154 Ct -- 3.00 MM,   Princess Gemstone Emerald

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