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Pearl necklaces

Pretty Pearl Necklaces

You won't find a collection of women's pearl necklaces as fresh and innovative as the selection available at Parker Edmond. From strands of cultured pearls to visually pleasing pearl pendants, we have alluring, eye-catching pieces of jewelry on offer. Browse through the pearl necklaces in our curated collection . You have the option of taking the timeless, traditional route with white pearls, or you can experiment with color.

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The Perfect Pearl

Thanks to the wide-ranging array of women's pearl necklaces at Parker Edmond, you won't have a problem picking out the perfect piece. You may run into issues with choosing just one necklace, however. Whether the jewelry is a gift to yourself or someone else, consider a strand of cultured pearls in white or pink. Black pearls are a bit edgier than the norm, making them ideal for showing off your personality. If you want the pearl to be an accent rather than a highlight, think about purchasing a pearl pendant instead. How about a chain decorated with sporadically placed pearls, or a neat line of them? We have Y necklaces and structural pendants that feature pearls as well.

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