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Gemstone earrings

Lovely Gemstone Earrings

Add a pop of color to your ensemble with vibrant gemstone earrings. Pick out dazzling statement earrings decorated with gems in a variety of hues. Give the gift of birthstone earrings, or buy a pair for yourself in celebration of your birthday. Parker Edmond has a can't-miss selection of colorful earrings. Find the style you love.

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Gorgeous Gemstones

Not all gemstone earrings have to be your birthstone. Experiment with color when you wear dangling earrings that sparkle with multiple gems. Consider rhodolite in a lovely nest design or a pair of sculptural blue topaz earrings.

A Gem for Every Month

Uncover breathtaking birthstone earrings for every month. Celebrate an August birthday with peridot in a white gold setting. Give a gift to someone born in May by way of chunky emerald studs. Remember that April's birthstone is the diamond, which presents you with an array of sparkly choices.

Shop for fine jewelry at affordable prices at Parker Edmond. We have it all, including an assortment of stylish yet tasteful gemstone earrings.



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