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Add A Touch of Whimsy, With A Brooch

Fashion brooches and pins can add another layer of refined texture to your outfit. Wear brooches as fine jewelry anytime you need something extra. Use them to hold together a lightweight scarf for polished Parisian flair. Dress up your coat or sweater. Draw the eye to an interesting top, or dress up a simple ensemble. If you're in the market for tasteful, timeless jewelry, then it's time to build a brooch collection.

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Put a Pin on It

Stylish women would do well to amass a selection of fashion brooches and pins to complement every event and outfit. Parker Edmond has brooches to match your aesthetic and your mood, whatever it may be. Create a whimsical look with a bumble bee brooch or an exquisitely defined hummingbird. A gold rose has a vintage-inspired appeal, while a sterling silver octopus evokes a steampunk flavor.

Brooches and fine jewelry make meaningful heirlooms to pass down. The classic floral pin you wear today could end up in your family for generations. Whether you prefer an ornate piece or something chic and minimalist, you can go beyond the standard pieces of jewelry. Better still, shop for bracelets, necklaces, and rings that complement the brooch you love the most.

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