Halloween Costume Jewelry Accessories

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

It’s fall, y’all! And you know what that means . . . the changing colors of the leaves, the smell of cinnamon and spice in the air, and the temperatures are dropping. (Well, generally the temperatures drop around this time.

The most important aspect of the fall season, however, is Halloween!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. I mean, think about it— there are so many benefits to the holiday! From copious amounts of candy and treats to the plenitude of Instagram costume pictures, the holiday is a fun time to dress up, be social, and have fun!

Lyst, a global fashion search platform, along with Pinterest, have released their Halloween costume predictions for the 2019 year. With this knowledge, along with some other research (and our abundance of pop culture expertise), we’re giving you a couple of the most anticipated costumes this year, plus the perfect Halloween costume jewelry accessories!

Elton John Halloween Costumes

First up, we have Rocketman! The Elton John biopic, starring Taron Egerton, has launched Sir Elton John-inspired Halloween outfits back on the map. Things like Elton John’s signature glasses and men’s bathrobes have seen significant search increases since June. Pair this look with pearl earrings and brooches— two staples in the movie’s jewelry trunk.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costumes

Next up, Old Town Road! Lil Nas X has been CRUSHING it since his outbreak single — Old Town Road — which currently holds the record for most consecutive weeks on Billboard Hot 100 chart at 17 weeks! It’s no wonder why cowboy hats, fringe jackets, and cowboy boots are trending searches in the social space. Urge your customers to rock the rapper’s mismatched earrings by pairing one cross hinged hoop earring with a diamond stud.  Or go with the Uptown Collection and show off your Gold and Turquoise.