Zodiac Jewelry: What You Should Wear, by Sign

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Woman with Pisces necklace (woman-pisces-necklace)

The gemstones that work best for each sign of the zodiac can be as different from one another as the signs themselves, but you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. Parker Edmond can help you find the ideal piece for your birth sign with this simple guide!


Sapphire tends to pair well with Aquarius signs, offsetting some of the natural shyness of these winter-born individuals with its friendly energy. Sapphire’s sparkling blue hue also makes it an ideal piece of zodiac jewelry for those born in the frosty Aquarius weeks between January 21 and February 19.


Amethyst makes a perfect compliment for the artistic Pisces, as this stone is known to bring out sensitivity and compassion in the wearer. Amethyst’s subtle purple hue partners well with the aquatic symbolism of the Pisces as well.


No fiery Aries personality can go wrong with a ruby accessory. Not only does the color match the inner disposition of this sign, but ruby also channels confidence and articulation, allowing the Aries to make their notions known in a diplomatic way when passions are running hot.

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A Taurus needs a piece of zodiac jewelry that matches their personable nature, which makes honey topaz their perfect match. Topaz brings good luck and wards off conflict between individuals, allowing a Taurus to create and maintain friendships with ease.


The dual-natured Gemini can be unpredictable, which is why citrine makes such a good pairing for them. This gemstone radiates positivity and friendliness, which makes it a good tool for Geminis to use to harness their gentler inclinations.


Cancers are creative and passionate souls, but this means they can also be prone to anxiety and stress. Moonstone makes vital zodiac jewelry for them because it is a naturally calming gem, allowing them to take full control of their drive without letting their fears wreak havoc.


Not unlike the Aries sign, a Leo finds their pairing with garnet stones for both their color and effect. Garnet grants bravery and perception, which suits it perfectly to a Leo’s alpha personality, and the beautiful deep red hue lets everyone know about the fire that burns within them.


Virgos are intelligent and uncompromising, but this can sometimes make them come across as prickly. Emerald makes an appropriate match as zodiac jewelry because it exudes positivity, allowing the Virgo to make good judgments in a way that won’t ruffle the feathers of the other signs.


Libras can struggle with self-doubt, but peridot can take some of the burdens off their shoulders. Not only do these golden stones help generate positivity in the wearer, but their hue also makes a beautiful compliment to the autumnal season that Libras call their own.


A brash Scorpio can’t go wrong by adding some aquamarine to their wardrobe. This sparkling gem is an ideal piece of zodiac jewelry for making a big statement, and its energies give the wearer the courage to express themselves to the fullest.

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Sagittarius signs have a reputation for being a bit wild, which is why spessartine garnet is our top pick for these boisterous individuals. Spessartine garnet is known for being conducive to patience and focus, allowing this beautiful orange-hued gem to capture all of the sign’s energy while letting them express that energy in a positive way.


Look no further than green tourmaline if you’re searching for the perfect piece of zodiac jewelry for a Capricorn. Not only is it the color of money, which Capricorns are naturally attracted to, but it encourages flexibility and open-mindedness as well, letting this stern sign adapt to new situations with ease.

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What kinds of gemstones have you been known to wear when representing your sign? Leave us a comment below and share your style with the world, or contact us if you have any questions. If you’re looking to take your fashion skyward, shop with Parker Edmond and wrap your hands around something that’ll help you touch the stars.