Your Jewelry Personality, and What it Says About You

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

What is your jewelry personality? The pieces you choose to wear every day reveal deep-seated truths about you, though you may not realize it. Parker Edmond can tell you what your personal jewelry collection says about who you are and what you value, as well as your personal style. Do you recognize yourself?

A Classic Aesthetic

a diamond engagement ring

Do you love designs that never go out of style and classic gemstones that are always in vogue? Whether you enjoy eye-catching diamond rings, cocktail rings with flawless stones, or an ostentatious strand of pearls, your jewelry personality reveals your ambition. You don't mind working for what you want, even if what you want is a massive collection of diamonds.

You're in good company. Elizabeth Taylor had a not-so-secret penchant for jewelry featuring timeless gemstones, as well. So did the breathtaking Marilyn Monroe. You can't dispute the ambition of those two women.

Never fear, though. Your penchant for classic pieces reveals more than your ambitious streak. You're a loyal person. Once you love something, you love it for life. You tend to be selfless, as well, but sometimes your outspoken nature comes across as blunt. People still appreciate your honesty, just as they appreciate your style.

Simple and Understated

a perfect strand of pearls from Parker Edmond

Strands of pearls, chic metal rings, simple chain-link bracelets: if pieces like these feature heavily in your personal jewelry collection, then you love understated, elegant jewelry. Cocktail rings and statement necklaces aren't your things. You adore classic pieces without any of the ostentation, meaning that you aren't likely to wear large gemstones or flashy items. Your style is both refined and slightly restrained. It's entirely likely that you edit your accessories before leaving the house to ensure that you step out looking perfectly polished.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was well-known for her tasteful, understated jewelry. In modern times, Reese Witherspoon is your spiritual sister in terms of your taste in jewelry. Like those women, your preferences point to a strong-willed, confident personality with loyalty to spare. The only thing you want to watch out for is your stubbornness. It has its place, but know when to let it go.

Crazy Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a fun way to show off your style. Brightly colored statement necklaces and large, intricate cocktail rings also reveal a few home truths about your jewelry personality. For one thing, you're not all that interested in material possessions. You tend to love fads, and you rarely pass a trend you don't want to try. You're also conscious of your budget and prefer to spend your money on experiences rather than possessions.

Pretense isn't even a word in your vocabulary. Your friends and loved ones know you for your honesty, as well as your unique personality. Halle Berry and Sofia Vergara are the same way. The three of you are courageous but humble women who prize individuality.

One-of-a-Kind Antique Pieces

a gold antique-inspired filigree ring

Antique jewelry is gorgeous, plus it always comes with a story. Even vintage-inspired pieces have a certain charm. A personal jewelry collection filled with antique-style or one-of-a-kind pieces points to a person who values nostalgia.

Do you tend to incorporate vintage clothing and accessories into your wardrobe, as well? What's wild is that a love of antique jewelry also points to your ability to be a trendsetter. You don't care about the trends that come around because you're busy creating new ones—and you don't care if they take off or not. That's not your concern.

You wear what you like and you love telling the stories of how you discovered your favorite pieces. That includes the pearl bracelet you bought yourself for your birthday and the brooch you found at a charming old antique shop.

Coordinated from Top to Toe

There's nothing you love more than coordinating your jewelry. That might involve coordinating your pieces by color, stone, or style. Jewelry sets are directly in your wheelhouse because you love the opportunity to step out in polished accessories. Matching your dangling earrings with your statement necklace brings you genuine joy. You jump at the opportunity to wear garnets or sapphires around your throat and your wrists.

This jewelry personality reveals a gift for organization. Planning your day is important to you, and you accomplish more when you have to-do lists and a detailed schedule. You're also reliable and responsible, something your family and colleagues appreciate. At the same time, you listen closely to others and value opinions that are different from yours. In your friend group, people frequently come to you for advice—sometimes for fashion, and sometimes for life.

Everyone has a distinct jewelry personality, even if they don't wear much jewelry. That reveals something, too. Now that you know how your jewelry reflects your personal style, select a few new signature pieces, and enjoy free shipping on all orders.