The Thumb Ring, And Other Non-Conventional Ways to Flaunt Your Jewelry

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

Parker Edmond is thrilled to introduce you to a few unique jewelry ideas. Go beyond what's expected. Let us teach you how to layer necklaces for maximum effect, how to seek out original, one-of-a-kind pieces, and how to turn regular rings into charming thumb or knuckle rings.

A One-of-a-Kind Cuff

Raspberry Cuff Bracelet

Just because you embrace unique jewelry ideas, it doesn't mean that you have to give up the jewelry pieces or styles that you love the most. If you're a fan of traditional bracelets, then simply swap out your everyday items in favor of a fresh new bracelet that you haven't seen a million times before. Parker Edmond's Raspberry Cuff Bracelet encompasses the cuff trend, which is big in the bracelet world, but the raspberry texture takes the piece to a higher level. The bracelet manages to be both simple and chic. It doesn't have a lot of details, but it doesn't need them. The texture is more than enough.

A Pretty Pansy Pin

Blue Pansy Chain Brooch

In addition to teaching you how to layer necklaces and introducing you to sensational new ideas, Parker Edmond wants to help you explore pieces of jewelry that you've never before considered. Brooches, for example, don't get nearly enough attention, and that's a shame. A beautifully designed brooch pinned to your cardigan, the bodice of your dress, or the lapel of your blazer will draw the eye, but it isn't overwhelming. On the contrary, the delicate Blue Pansy Chain Brooch is a subtle stunner. You'll be showered in compliments each time you pin it to your clothing, owing to the perfectly formed pansy petals, their vibrant colors, and the dazzling stone dotted directly in the center. The chain that drapes from the pansy to the end of the pin is a can't-miss detail, too.

Edgy Earrings

Geometric Ear Threader Earrings

You're used to post earrings, right? When you're after unique jewelry ideas, you need to look for extraordinary pieces. Ditch the posts and standard stud earrings in favor of the Trendy 1/6 CTW Diamond Geometric Ear Threader Earrings. Threader earrings often rely on a length of wire, but these showstoppers have a chain. As you thread them through your ears, arrange the chain so that the backs balance the diamond-rimmed circles that form the front of the earrings. Jewelry connoisseurs will notice immediately, and they'll be all a-twitter. Without a doubt, these earrings are made to accessorize ball gowns, cocktail dresses, and sharp, femme-cut suits.

Necklaces on Parade

Off-Center Sideways Cross

Are you ready to learn how to layer necklaces? You can take the easy route and shop for necklaces that are already layered. Some are attached at the clasp while others come as sets. If you're bold with an eye for spotting complementary pieces, then you can pair them yourself. Let's start with the Delicate Off-Center Sideways Cross Necklace, a lengthy 16-inch chain. It's a lovely, thin chain that's perfectly in proportion with the diamond-studded cross that's poised on its side.

Diamond Bar

You can layer it with the Designer Diamond Bar Necklace, available in an assortment of carats and gold tones. It's 18 inches long, giving it two inches on the cross necklace. That's just enough room to layer. Alternately, consider pairing a necklace that fits close to the throat with a longer chain. Choose a choker and you can safely layer three necklaces. The secret is to select elegant, simple pieces, and pay attention to the length of each necklace. There should be cohesion among the designs, but no clashing.

Whimsy with a Brooch

Dragonfly Brooch

As you can tell, we're proponents of brooches. Like many unique jewelry ideas, they were quite popular once upon a time. For a while, they fell out of favor, but because they can make a statement and serve a functional purpose, e.g., holding together a decorative scarf, they're coming back into fashion. Minimalist brooches are just as stunning as their elaborate, ornate counterparts. The Dragonfly Brooch features two dragonflies in flight. Added to your lapel, they'll give off dazzling metallic flashes. You can purchase it in white gold or yellow gold. We're partial to the white gold version.

Layers of Pearls

Silver Freshwater

Back to the subject of how to layer necklaces, let's take the effortless approach with this piece. Our Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl 3 Tiered 17” Necklace boasts three layers, with the longest strand measuring 17 inches. Pearls are classic, but this is a delightful take on the trend. From the petite pearls to the delicate chains connecting them, it's an irresistible showpiece that you can wear with formal ensembles and office apparel.

Stick Out Your Thumb

Favorite Rings! Stackable Ring

Rings often spark unique jewelry ideas. See stackable rings as an example. The Stack Up Your Favorite Rings! Stackable Ring can do more than create a cohesive ring party across your hand, however. Size it for your thumb rather than your forefinger or ring finger. Thumb rings are edgy with a subtle retro flavor. It's a small switch, moving a ring from your finger to your thumb, but people will take notice, and you'll have jewelry that leaves you feeling a bit magical and mischievous.

The fine jewelry at Parker Edmond lends itself well to unique jewelry ideas as well as more traditional essentials. Invite a bit of whimsy into your life. Slip on a thumb ring or create layer upon layer of necklaces to create striking fashion statements nobody can forget.