The Parker Edmond Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

Finding the perfect piece of Valentine's Day jewelry for her is essential. You want to let her know that she means everything to you, and that you spent time thinking about how to celebrate a holiday devoted to love. Parker Edmond has a heart-stopping selection of Valentine jewelry gifts for every woman in your life. Discover jewelry that's just right for your partner, your mom, or your best friend.

A Personal Pick

a gold necklace and pendant engraved with M

As you select Valentine's Day jewelry for her, consider initial pieces. Personalized jewelry is a can't-miss choice for the romantic holiday. In fact, initial bracelets and necklaces are enjoying a moment in the spotlight. This is your chance to give her something both meaningful and trendy. Think about her personal taste and preferences as you compile a list of possible pieces.

Rose gold is dreamy perfection, making it ideal for Valentine's Day. Yellow gold is timeless and traditional, while white gold comes off as more sophisticated. Think about the metal she likes most, then turn your attention to the piece itself. We have bracelets, earrings, and necklaces ready to be engraved with her initial or monogram.

It deserves to be said that initial-engraved jewelry is an excellent gift for friends and family as well as romantic recipients. Your BFF or sister will love a thoughtful gift like this as much as your girlfriend or wife.

All Your Heart

a silver bracelet with heart-shaped links

Heart-shaped Valentine jewelry gifts are classic, but she deserves something more than the same old heart-shaped pendant. You want to make it clear that you love her with all of your heart, but you don't want it to seem cliche. All you have to do is keep an eye out for eye-catching items that exist outside the typical box.

How about a bracelet composed of interlocking heart links? Something like that is delicate but showstopping. If you can't resist the allure of a classic heart-shaped pendant, then opt for a necklace that's intriguing or a little opulent. You can always go for fashionable and funky instead of outright romantic.

Say It with a Locket

an ornate locket with a message in the middle

Lockets always top the lists of Valentine's Day jewelry for her. They also offer another way to avoid the traditional heart pendant. Lockets are oft-chosen, as well, but they come in such an assortment of designs that they can be forgiven for their popularity.

Look for lockets that she will genuinely want to wear, something that she'd buy for herself if given the chance. You know her style. She may prefer something ornate, a locket with a message, or an understated piece. Fill it with a picture of yourself, the two of you, her pets—anything she loves. A personal, handwritten message on a tiny slip of paper will thrill her, too.

Surprise Her with Statement Earrings

a pair of silver flower-shaped earrings

Are her ears pierced? Make a Valentine jewelry gift out of a pair of statement earrings. All too often, bracelets and necklaces get all of the attention around Valentine's Day. Diamond studs are an exception to that rule, and by all means, if she's expressed interest in diamond earrings, get them for her!

However, fashionable earrings may have more of a place in her wardrobe. It means more to give her a jewelry gift that she can wear regularly. Once more, it comes down to her style. Delicate flower earrings might light her up, or she might prefer decadent chandelier earrings with a vintage-inspired design.

Celebrate Her Star Sign

a silver and crystal Pisces necklace

A Zodiac necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece of Valentine's Day jewelry for her. Whether she's a proud Leo, a stubborn Taurus, or a whimsical Pisces, you can find different styles of constellation jewelry to represent her birthday. Choose between sparkling gemstone renderings and circle pendants decorated by the appropriate star sign.

Pick Out a Pearl

a yellow gold and pearl ring

Pearls are timeless in every form. A Valentine jewelry gift made of pearl will stand apart from all the diamonds that inundate the holiday. Our selection boasts colored pearls, flawless earrings, and pearl necklaces in every imaginable style. Not sure if pearl necklaces are her thing? Give her a pearl ring, instead.

In the right setting, with a gorgeous design, a pearl ring can be a cocktail ring or at least a statement ring. Browse for artistic rings with perfect pearls and stunning yellow gold settings, or go for something magical, such as a tiny pearl paired with a crescent moon. Layered pearl bracelets are a lovely option, too.

Dazzle your darling with the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry for her. Parker Edmond offers free shipping on your order, so you can pick out an irresistible gift today.