Spectacular Jewelry Gift Ideas She Won't Be Able To Resist

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

Everyone needs a few jewelry gift ideas in their back pocket. You may need to compile a list of possible holiday presents, for instance, or you may need inspiration for other special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine's Day. The occasion doesn't matter as much as the sentiment and the thought that goes into the gift. Jewelry is always the perfect present. Giving someone a fine jewelry gift tells them that they mean something to you. It's even better when you can tailor the gift to the personality or style of the recipient. The selection at Parker Edmond is wide-reaching and versatile. Discovering a gift for every person on your list is effortless.

The Rings Are the Thing

a selection of stackable rings with large stones

Fill your list with jewelry gift ideas that keep on giving. Why give one piece of jewelry when you could give more? We're talking about stackable rings, which are on-trend in the jewelry world. For far too long, stacked bracelets and arm parties have taken center stage. Their popularity is well deserved, but it's past time to consider the style appeal of stacking rings.

Parker Edmond offers a variety of stackable rings in an array of styles. Thin rings are more delicate, allowing you to layer more of them with ease. Chunky rings, on the other hand, make a huge splash. They're eye-catching and on-point, making them ideal as statement pieces or cocktail rings. You have the option to give your loved one a series of sleek, slender bands, or you can opt for large rings with gorgeous stones, including black onyx, lapis, or turquoise.

A Gift from the Stars

a constellation pendant featuring the Leo sign

Fine jewelry gifts should mean something to the recipient. A person is far more likely to wear meaningful jewelry for the long haul because, in addition to being stunning and accenting a variety of outfits, a memorable piece of jewelry tells a story. As you shop for the most important person in your life, consider fine jewelry that speaks to his or her personality.

For example, the Swarovski Sterling Silver Constellation Collection is full of stunning jewelry inspired by the zodiac signs. Each sterling silver necklace features a different constellation belonging to its specific zodiac sign. Going even further, the “stars” in each constellation are made from the sign's birthstone. Leos get peridot, Aries has diamonds, and Libras can snag a necklace decorated with gorgeous sapphires. The Les Néréides Constellation collection is another option. It contains zodiac pendants with contrasting designs. Whether you're buying for someone who adores astronomy, loves astrology, or believes wholeheartedly in the star signs, they'll be overwhelmed by such a thoughtful gift.

Next-Level Charm

a charm bracelet with gold leaves and flowers

Once upon a time, charm bracelets were the cat's pajamas. They're still extraordinarily popular, but the modern evolution of the style is more sophisticated. Don't choose an everyday charm bracelet. Consider jewelry gift ideas with an updated twist. Today's prettiest charm bracelets come complete and ready-made. They're already resplendent with charms, which takes the guesswork and added expense out of choosing separate charms and pendants.

Browse through our line of Les Néréides jewelry to find something that the recipient will appreciate. Each charm bracelet has its own theme, calling to mind weekends in Italy, for example. With delicate charms and breathtaking designs, it's guaranteed to please.

A Brooch Beyond Reproach

a brooch with two porcelain pigeons

Brooches are making a comeback, and it's about time. Ideal for pinning to a simple yet chic top or holding together a scarf, brooches are dynamic accent pieces that call attention to the outfit and the refined taste of the person wearing the pin. If you're sticking to vintage-inspired fine jewelry gifts, then a brooch offers a bit of irresistible nostalgia.

Search through our collections to locate an appealing piece of jewelry. You may want to choose a signature brooch that dazzles the eye with bright gemstones and intricate designs. Then again, a simple piece might be the ticket. Consider a Lladró brooch from the Magic Forest or Aquarium Collection, for instance. You can find a brooch with natural elements and elegant style.

Pearls of a Different Color

a multi-colored chain-link pearl necklace

Pearls are timeless jewelry gift ideas because they never go out of style. Whether it's a strand of pearls worn around the throat or the wrist, or a cocktail ring with a large Tahitian pearl, the jewel of the sea is a can't-miss accent piece. This year, however, why not think outside the oyster?

Parker Edmond has an endless selection of pearl jewelry with a unique twist. Discover a pearl cocktail ring that's evocative of the ocean with a wave of diamonds or other gemstones. Consider a chain-link necklace featuring multi-colored pearls. Rather than selecting a standard piece of jewelry, consider a stacked pearl bracelet or a pair of pearl drop earrings.

Create a list of jewelry gift ideas so that you're always ready for special occasions. Parker Edmond is your premier spot for fine jewelry that will mean something to you and the recipient.