Sparkling Resolutions: The Best Way to Organize Jewelry & Clear Out Old Pieces

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

a tangle of gold & pearl jewelry

It pays to know the best way to organize jewelry. Your jewelry adds to your outfit and overall aesthetic, but only if you wear it. How many pieces are still hiding around your home or lurking in a drawer? How many trendy items did you wear once or twice before forgetting about them? It's high time to untangle all of your necklaces, replace the backs on your earrings, and find a proper place for all of your jewelry. Join Parker Edmond for a few top-notch organizational tips.

Take Inventory of Your Personal Jewelry

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The best way to organize jewelry is to know exactly what you have. Gather up every piece from all corners of your space. Most of us end up with our jewelry scattered and mismatched, in spite of our best intentions. Check your closets, dresser drawers, and other nooks and crannies. You can only begin to organize once you know how many bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and rings you have.

Separate Your Styles

After you have all of your jewelry in one place, you can take the first steps toward genuine organization. Different pieces and styles of jewelry need to be stored in different ways. It's all too easy for your earrings and bracelets to get all tangled up with your necklaces. Trying to untangle everything is a nightmare on the same level as dealing with balled up fairy lights. Separating your necklace from your bracelets and your earrings from your rings allows you to avoid such messes. Having each style laid out also gives you an even clearer picture of what you have.

Everyday vs. Special Occasion

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Separation is one of the best ways to organize jewelry. Once you have each style sorted into distinct piles, then you're ready to go a bit further. Find the items you tend to wear on the day-to-day, e.g. the jewelry you wear to the office or when you go out on errands. They should go in their own section. Set them aside apart from the rest of your jewelry.

Next, pick out all of your costume jewelry. These are the pieces that you wear for fun. Bangle bracelets and dramatic cuffs, chandelier earrings, and bulky cocktail rings fit into this category. You may wear them on dates and fun outings with your friends, but they're not right for daily wear, nor do you bring them out for formal events.

Now focus your attention on the pieces of jewelry that you save for special occasions. You know these items. They only come out when you want to make a statement or a stellar first impression. Although you may not wear them often, they're quality pieces that have their place in your formal wardrobe rotation.

Special jewelry and everyday jewelry deserves to be separated. It's easier to find what you want, and you can store your fine jewelry properly, as well. Likewise, your costume jewelry needs a space of its own. Opulent cocktail rings and chunky necklaces can get tangled with more delicate pieces of jewelry. Organizing your collection is supposed to stop those messes.

Get Rid of What You Don't Wear

With all of your jewelry laid out and separated by style and function, you have a crystal clear picture of what you wear and what you don't. That makes it the perfect time to organize your jewelry by getting rid of all the stuff that no longer fits within your style. Chuck any jewelry items that you haven't worn in the last year or two. While you may be tempted to keep items that you've forgotten about and finally found again, you should think long and hard while you evaluate each piece. Will you really wear those gold hoop earrings you found in the bathroom cabinet? Are you honestly going to incorporate that enamel bracelet into your jewelry rotation? Be honest and toss—or give away—accordingly.

Clean What You Keep

You now know the best way to organize your jewelry, but you're still not done. It's time to clean everything. Cleaning the jewelry you intend to keep will make it shine and sparkle like new. Make sure you have the right cleaning products for each piece. Not only should you polish the metals, but you should also clean the diamonds, gemstones, and pearls decorating your jewelry.

As for the cast-off jewelry that you're ready to get rid of, you have two options. One choice is to toss what you no longer wear. You also decide to donate it or give it away instead. In that case, clean it first as a courtesy. Take special care to clean and disinfect your old earrings.

Choose the Right Storage Options for Your Jewelry

The best way to organize your jewelry permanently is to have a place for everything. Now that you've collected and cleaned everything, and tossed what you no longer wear, you can take your organization to the next level. It's time to find a storage option. Wrap your diamond jewelry in velvet jewelry bags. Hang your necklaces on the wall to organize and display them. Buy a jewelry box for your earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Fill In The Blanks

a pearl necklace in a jewelry box

Finally, it's time to fill in the blanks and replace what you don't have. You might have discovered that your favorite pendant is missing a stone, for example, or that the earrings you love have bent backs. You can also take this time to figure out which classic pieces you lack, giving you the opportunity to treat yourself to a strand of pearls or a new cocktail ring.

Without question, the best way to organize your jewelry collection is to first take stock of what you have. After that, everything else falls into place. Don't be afraid to chuck the jewelry you no longer wear. You can always replace it with memorable, high-quality pieces that you'll enjoy wearing all the time.