7 Classic Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

As long as you have a comprehensive collection of classic jewelry pieces at your disposal, you'll always have the perfect piece to wear, but you'll never be in danger of wearing too much. It's a delicate balance, which is why it helps to treat your jewelry collection like your wardrobe. As long as you have an array of timeless items that you can wear with a variety of the ensembles in your closet, then you can't fail. To get you started, Parker Edmond has put together a list of must-have jewelry pieces. You may have some of them already. The rest can be found right here.

A Strand of Pearls

sterling silver freshwater

Pearls are among the most classic jewelry pieces that you can have in your collection. It's not uncommon to find pearls accentuating diamonds and other precious gemstones, for example, and they're often eye-catching because their appearance is entirely unexpected. Nothing is as timeless as a strand of pearls, however. A creamy oyster hue is the ideal, but black or pink pearls have an appeal all their own. Feel free to complement your necklace with matching pearl earrings, and perhaps even a ring. Pearl rings are sometimes more noticeable than diamonds or emeralds. Like pearl necklaces, they have an undeniable vintage-inspired flavor.

Stud Earrings

On the subject of earrings, studs are must-have jewelry pieces because of their chic simplicity. In this case, diamond studs are historically on-point, but any gemstone will do. It's best to stick to relatively small studs in a shade that flatters your complexion or eye color. The hue has to suit you since your studs will likely become your go-to earrings. That saves you the time and hassle of picking through a disorganized collection of earrings. The studs will work with most of your day-to-day ensembles, as well as formal looks and outfits for special occasions. That's particularly true of diamond studs, which is why they're the standard.

Statement Earrings

blue sapphire diamond earrings

All that being said, statement earrings deserve to be qualified as classic jewelry pieces, too. A pair of stand-out earrings can draw attention to your face and highlight your outfit. They can add attitude and edge to a date night look or a little black dress. Don't conflate statement-making with ostentatious or trendy. You can still pick out tasteful, timeless earrings that have dazzling details. Chandelier earrings are a popular choice, but hoops can make a statement, as well. The main point is to select something bold. That may involve clusters of gemstones, delicate filigree, or a sparkling mix of fine metals.

And a Statement Necklace

It's impossible to discuss must-have jewelry without mentioning a statement necklace. Just because something is classic doesn't mean that it's not fun. A show-stopping necklace can dress up your casual, laid-back ensembles, but it can also add a carefree touch to dresses and other formal get-ups. You can splash out in any style of necklace you like as long as it's brash enough to grab attention. That may mean colorful beading, a stunning pendant, or a selection of glittering gems. You can pick a necklace that matches your earrings, but choosing contrasting designs will do the trick, too.

An Eye-Catching Cocktail Ring

gold morganite ring

You can always wear more than one ring, but your personal collection of classic jewelry pieces should contain a cocktail ring. It might be a costume piece or fine jewelry. That's entirely up to you. Frame your purchase around your aesthetic. Cocktail rings aren't for every day. Wear yours on extraordinary occasions when you want a little extra glitz. This is your opportunity to go big. Chunky cocktail rings are timeless. They've been in vogue for a century or more. Consider mixing diamonds with pearls. Browse for rings that feature complementary gemstones. Sapphire and topaz are both pleasing picks for statement rings, as are emeralds and garnets.

A Chain Bracelet

Now let's focus on must-have jewelry for your wrists. Bracelet trends come and go, but you can still find several pieces that will remain in style. Cuffs are typically on-point, and bangles tend to come around again every five or ten years. A chain bracelet is both timeless and trendy, however. From delicate links to thick, chunky chains, you're spoiled for choice. You could look for a chic charm bracelet or a simple Figaro chain. In many cases, you can add charms on your own, but there's no need. Allow your bracelet to be the finishing touch for an array of ensembles. Just think about the size and the metal you prefer.

An Elegant Watch

For a minute there, it seemed like watches were in danger of going out of fashion. Due to the assortment of digital clocks that pop up in day-to-day life, as well as the ubiquity of smartphones, it's almost impossible to lose track of the time. The advent of smartwatches has changed the game a bit. At the very least, they got people thinking of watches again. Thank goodness for that because watches are more than timepieces; they're classic jewelry pieces that happen to be both fashionable and functional.

Even if you wear a sporty or utilitarian watch on the daily, indulge in an elegant watch for occasions that call for something more. Slim chain links, a gem-encrusted wristband, a bracelet of sleek metal—the possibilities are endless. Select a watch that speaks to your aesthetic. Splurge on a piece that you can pass down.

It's far too easy to amass too many pieces of jewelry. The choices become overwhelming. It's at that point when you're in danger of wearing too much jewelry every time you leave the house. When you have a box full of classic jewelry pieces instead, then it's easier to choose the perfect items to edit your look. Do you have any of these must-have pieces of jewelry?