5 Fresh Jewelry Trends You Need to Know About

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

Parker Edmond knows what's in style, which is why we're pleased to keep you updated about the latest jewelry trends. You refresh your wardrobe regularly to incorporate what's trending. Refresh your jewelry collection the same way! In addition to playful pieces that you wear for fun, invest in nice jewelry that makes the most of what's in vogue. Explore our top five fads and pick out your favorites.

Heavenly Hoops


Trendy 14k Rose Gold

No matter how jewelry trends change from year to year, hoop earrings always make an appearance in some form. Sometimes it's a specific color. For example, about ten years ago, white gold and silver hoops were all the rage. At other times, size matters. Small, delicate hoops are timeless. At the moment, bigger is better. More specifically, the freshest earring fad of the day revolves around thick hoops. You want heavy, eye-catching earrings that still give off a sophisticated vibe. The ideal hoops fit in at the office or out on the dance floor. Location doesn't matter because their style is wide-reaching.

Parker Edmond offers a variety of hoops that fit the bill, but our Trendy 14k Rose Gold Hoop Earrings stand out as a stunning example. The hinged posts snap closed with ease and ensure a comfortable fit. It's the polished gold that strikes the right chord, however. You won't be able to resist the way the rich rose gold gleams at your ears.

A More Extravagant Arm Party

Eye-catching bracelets

Eye-catching bracelets are must-haves right now. An arm party is always a fun idea, but today's take on the trend involves nice jewelry that stands out all by itself. If you're in the mood for fun, eye-catching jewelry with a bit of costume flair, then check out enamel pieces in vivid hues and patterns. For a chic interpretation, a cuff bracelet is a fabulous pick. With a cuff, you can go a little crazy with the opulence. Anchor it with complementary bangles and tasteful chains, but it should be the star of the show—or the VIP guest at the arm party, if you will.

You won't find a piece of jewelry that's more extravagant and intricate than the New Orleans Inspired Filigree Cuff Bracelet by Parker Edmond. Feast your eyes on that filigree. The bracelet is a work of art composed of sterling silver. You'll love every swirl in the design, but the small, exquisitely crafted flowers on the front and sides are especially breathtaking. Wear this and you'll receive compliments for days.

Links in the Chain

chain bracelets

One of the latest jewelry trends involves chains—chain bracelets, necklaces, and even dangling chain earrings. Small links, medium links, and wide links all have a place in the current fad. They're elegant, partly due to their timeless simplicity. Browse through our collections to find the styles and sizes that appeal to you.

Since we discussed the appeal of an arm party, we want to show you the Dazzling Cable Bracelet with Toggle. For the sake of versatility, the silver version is available in two sizes: 6 ½ inches and 7 ¼ inches. There's also a yellow plated version that's 7 ¼ inches. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect size for your wrist. Purchasing this bracelet gives you the opportunity to wear it with a gorgeous cuff or a playful enamel piece.

Layers on Layers

snagging pieces

Layered necklaces come in every imaginable design. Because layers are a statement-making trend, we recommend snagging pieces that you can wear on the daily, as well as nice jewelry that you wear when you want to make double the splash. Layering necklaces itself is nothing new, but all-in-one jewelry that does it for you is convenient and stylish. You know that each layer complements the others, which ensures that accessorizing is effortless.

We're wild about the Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl 3 Tiered Necklace. The longest strand is 17 inches, so you know that it will dangle perfectly. Delicate silver chains connect perfect pearls, which are spaced so that each creamy orb catches the eye. Pearl jewelry is beautiful and elegant, which makes it versatile. A necklace like this is a spectacular accessory for a little black cocktail dress, but you can also wear it with jeans and a silky tee shirt or a tailored workday ensemble.

The Perfect Pearl

Delicate Freshwater

Speaking of pearls, we can't talk about current jewelry trends without emphasizing their chic, universal appeal. Pearls are perfect. They add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. That includes formal and semi-formal wear as well as casual ensembles. In fact, a piece of pearl jewelry is often the only thing you need to polish your look.

Although pearl necklaces are unquestionably lovely, we want to talk about the fashion-forward potential of pearl rings, such as the Delicate Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring. Get it in 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, or 14k white gold. Each ring boasts 11 small pearls ranging in size and carat. The largest is a 0.090 Ct pearl that's 2.5mm, while the smallest are 0.060 Ct pearls that are 2mm.

Discover timeless jewelry alongside the latest jewelry trends. Parker Edmond has fabulous fine jewelry that's within your budget.