5 Creative Ways to Propose This Valentine's Day

Posted by Greg Fetzer on

a man and woman kiss as they hold balloons

Buying a fine engagement ring is just one part of the proposal. You then have to plan out the proposal itself. If you want to be drop-dead romantic, then on Valentine's Day, propose to your true love. Give in to the urge to be a hopeless romantic and sweep your lover off her feet! As long as you're creative, you can make it a memorable, one-of-a-kind occasion.

Sweeter than Candy

a bowl of Conversation Heart candies

After you've picked out a fine engagement ring that you know she'll love, you have to get to work planning the proposal. As it happens, a Valentine's Day proposal offers the perfect opportunity for a sweet surprise: all that candy. A candy-themed proposal is romantic enough to cause a cavity.

The options are endless, too. It's quite easy to order custom Conversation Hearts, for example. They may not taste delicious, but a few hearts that proclaim “Marry Me!” or “Say 'I Do!'” will get the message across.

You can frame your proposal around a classic heart-shaped box of candy, as well. One idea is to replace the chocolate in the middle with the engagement ring. You could also order a custom box that has the proposal spelled out on the chocolates, perhaps written in white chocolate. If you have a steady hand and an eye for chocolate work, then you could try it yourself!

A Photo Book of Memories, a Secret Ending

To propose on Valentine's Day, you have to knock it out of the park. Give her a thoughtful gift and a romantic proposal all in one. Gather up photos that follow the timeline of your relationship and have them turned into a photo album. There are professional services available, but you can also find numerous websites that let you create the photo book yourself.

The surprise occurs on the last page, of course. Take a picture of yourself holding up a proposal sign, or put together the tableau of your choice. You know what will delight her. It might even be a stunning up-close shot of the ring.

This Magic Moment: Take Two

a man holds a bouquet of roses

How well do you remember your first date? Maybe it's time to recreate the magic. As well as you can, start off your Valentine's Day by reliving your very first date. If you're in a different city, you can plan a surprise trip back to the place where your love first blossomed. However, more practically, you can also work with what you have.

Try to get the details as close to perfect as possible. No matter how your last date ended, this date will end with an unforgettable proposal. Plan out a loving speech and pop the question with her sparkling new fine engagement ring in hand. She'll be blown away by the thought you put into it.

A Two-Week Lead-Up

Who says Valentine's Day has to be limited to one day? During the first fourteen days of February, surprise her with a sweet token every day. Include gifts of jewelry—they will throw her off track!

Pick out a gorgeous diamond necklace, a pair of earrings, and maybe a bracelet to give her at different points during the lead-up to the holiday. Fuzzy socks, a pretty scarf, and a bouquet of flowers can round out your gifts, along with meaningful gestures, such as breakfast in bed or an evening massage.

On Valentine's Day, propose after a home-cooked dinner or a trip to the show. She won't be expecting it in the slightest because you'll have spoiled her for two weeks already. Your proposal will go down in history, at least among her social circle.

A Proposal Full of Charm

A fine engagement ring is one thing, but that's not the only way you can propose with jewelry. Charm her before you pop the question! A charm bracelet or necklace that features in the proposal can become a memorable keepsake that tells the story of your engagement.

It's also a fun way to propose. As you shop for a charm bracelet, you can choose between collectible bracelets, where you pick out each individual charm yourself, or a ready-to-wear bracelet that comes with charms. You can still add your own charms to it with ease.

That's the important part. Whatever style you choose, you need to mix-in proposal-themed charms. Look for a charm that resembles a ring, a wedding cake, or maybe a bride and groom. See if she notices when you give her the gift.

Kick-off your proposal with a fine engagement ring from Parker Edmond. Don't forget to pop in and let us know how your proposal goes.